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SRC Training Series


SRC Training Series will be offered through a different website.

The current site at will be closed at the close of business on 02/27/2015.

Thank you for visiting and using the training!

The SRC Training Series is intended for self-directed use by individual SRC members, but can also be used in conjunction with SRC meetings or training sessions to augment presentations, videos, and group discussions. To address the learning needs of rotating SRC members, the Training Series will serve as a mechanism for ongoing training.

Series One: Overview and Philosophy

  • History of V.R.
  • Overview of the Rehabilitation Act
  • V.R. principles & policies
  • The role of the SRC

Series Two: State Plan

  • The Statutory Basis of the State Plan
  • Purpose of the State Plan
  • Development of the State Plan

Series Three: Operationalizing the State Plan

  • Assessment
  • Development of VR Goals
  • Program Evaluation and Reporting
  • SRC Infrastructure

Series Four: Performance Management in State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

  • Program Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance and the SRC-VR Partnership
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